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Monday, April 22, 2019

Tech neck is caused by the overuse of the head, neck, and shoulders from looking forward and downward at a mobile device. Tech neck can pull your spine out of alignment which causes muscle strain, herniations, and pinched nerves. This syndrome has been known to cause arthritis and shortness of breath which can lead to other major heart diseases. Texting can also affect the gastrointestinal system by weakening the movement of the bowel. Children are at higher risk of Tech Neck due to the overuse of mobile devices, tech time in schools, and lack of face to face interaction. Bending the neck forward puts about 30 lbs of weight on your neck and shoulders. Come in today to Clements Chiropractic for adjustments to correct the damage that has already been done from using electronics. Ask us about our posture pump or cervical block next time you're in our office. 

Please share this information with your tech-friendly friends, they are probably already on their devices.