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New Patients

Your Wellness Starts Here!

We value your time as much as you and will do our best to provide the highest quality care with minimal waiting time.

New Patient Initial Visit


Includes Exam, 1st Adjustment, X-Rays, & Bonus Free Gift!

About your First Visit

  • Upon arrival to the office you will be greeted by a CA(chiropractic assistant), who will provide a tour of the office, so you are familiar with our office and you feel at home.
  • You will then be seated in an exam room to fill out some brief paperwork(unless you did ahead of time off the website or we e-mailed paperwork to you).
  • Your doctor will give a brief consultation of necessary procedures for your specific case as well as discuss your insurance coverage and any out of pocket expense.
  • Your doctor will then review your case history in detail, specifically focusing on previous spinal injuries that healed wrong. This will allow them to have the best understanding of your case.
  • After your case history review you will have a thorough spinal examination to uncover previous injuries to the spine and nerve system. The exam may include posture analysis, range of motion testing, reflexes, nerve testing, hands on palpation for pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm, and x-rays. All of our exam procedures including x-rays are done with you fully clothed in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.
  • Spinal x-rays are taken following your examination. X-rays are taken from the front and side of all spinal regions. After your x-rays are taken we will discuss your findings and determine the best course of treatment. In most cases we will begin treatment on your first visit to help you feel better and start the process of your return to better health.
Your Wellness Awaits
Your Wellness Awaits

About your Second Visit

  • Upon returning back to the office you will be greeted by a CA(chiropractic assistant), who will have you watch a brief video(about 4 minutes) to help you better understand your Chiropractic results and treatment recommendations.
  • Your Doctor wil review your x-rays and findings and discuss treatment options, as well as your health goals.
  • You will likely be asked if your interested in short term relief care or corrective/ wellness care options!
  • Treatment will be provided  as well as a financial consultation to determine any out of pocket cost for your care.
  • Our staff will answer any questions you may have and schedule your recommended future visits.


Welcome to better health through natural effective Chiropractic care

No Insurance?

No Problem!


Covers Your First Visit.
Includes: Exam, 1st Adjustment, X-Rays, & Bonus Free Gift!