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What patients are saying

We’ve had the privilege to help some of the world’s most amazing people. From teachers to government workers, we've changed the lives of the people that have changed ours. Here are a few we want to share.

I began seeking Chiropractic care seven years ago due to a pinched nerve in my lower back. After only a few visits the pain was gone and I have never had it return. I was pleased to learn that my consistent adjustments also helped with the migraines I was suffering from. Since I have maintained regular Chiropractic care I have not had any migraines return. I also have all three of my children cared for by Dr. Clements and find that adjustments have helped them all with sleep and constipation. None of our children have had a sever cold or an ear injection and they are 1 ½ year old twins and a 3 month old baby. I attribute their good health to their adjustments. As a family we are thankful for Dr. Clements and the health care that he has provided to our family.

Christina R

After seeing several chiropractors, I switched to Dr. Clements over 15 years ago and have never been anything other than happy with the results I get from his adjustments. I have referred several friends and family members and have always heard positive results and comments. Most recently I mentioned that I felt my upper back/neck pain was from sleeping and when he recommended a different type of pillow, the pain stopped. Dr. Clements consistently comes up with new ideas and equipment to make his clinic innovative. I will continue to recommend Clements Family Chiropractic to anyone I see that will value long term benefits that will be provided.

Brian V.

Dr. Nicole Debrabant Wilbraham is such a wonderful chiropractor! After I gave birth to my twin girls she went out of her way to visit me in the hospital & help fix an issue I was having with my shoulder. I was amazed at her kindness & empathy towards me & my situation & I can't thank her enough for helping relieve my pain & allowing me the ability to be able to hold my twins pain- free.

Jen Plumer

I heard about Clements Chiropractic from the massage therapist, Shannon. I came into the office because of a migraine headache and a very sore neck. i thought my first adjustment was awesome because my pain went away within 5 minutes of care. Since beginning chiropractic care, my improvements have been very noticeable. Stiffness in my back and neck have decreased and I do not get headaches when I normally would and I feel great.

Brendan K

Why I Love Chiropractic Care! I have been seeing a pain Doctor for the last 4 years due to a herniated disc in my neck and lower back!!!I have been seeing Dr. Nicole Wilbraham and Dr. Clements for the last 4 years, every week! I now realize that it is more important to me and my health to put as little as possible into my body with prescription drugs, pain killers and the like. I have gone from three different drugs a day (9 pills) to an average of (2) pills a day. What Dr. Nicole has taught me over the years, is how to overcome pain by doing all she tells me and how to live and accept some pain. All you need to do is see Dr. Nicole and feel like a new person. This isn't I'll come in when I feel bad, but to come in when I also feel good. Keeping your spine aligned is the KEY to GOOD HEALTH. If I had to choose between my pain doctor and Dr. Nicole, it would not take me more than a second to choose.

Tom Cavanaugh

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In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.